Fatality Notice: IHSA has learned of a construction-related fatality in Sudbury involving a construction worker securing a transport trailer load. One workplace fatality is one too many, regardless of the sector, industry, or occupation. Please take a moment to think about those who have died or been injured on the job and re-establish a commitment to the prevention of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

New & Experienced Workers

New and young workers in Ontario are four times more likely to be injured during the first month of employment than at any other time. There are several reasons why new and young workers are particularly at risk.

  • They lack the experience and training to recognize and avoid hazards.
  • They don't know their rights.
  • They aren't properly supervised.
  • They haven't received adequate orientation.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that the workplace is healthy and safe and that workers are provided with the information, instruction, and supervision they need to protect themselves against potential hazards. This is especially important when dealing with new and young workers.


Young Worker vs. New Worker

A young worker is defined by Statistics Canada as a person 15 to 24 years of age. Every day in Ontario, an average of nearly 50 young workers under age 25 are injured or killed on the job.

A new worker is a person 25 years or older who has been on the job less than six months or has been reassigned to a new job. New workers can include

  • any new hire, either permanent or temporary, including supervisors, with or without experience in the industry where they are working
  • current workers who are assigned new jobs
  • student workers, co-op placements or apprentices.


B045 Contractor's Toolkit

The Contractor's Toolkit can help firms develop or improve their health and safety progam. It contains resources to help you comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Regulations as well as Ministry of Labour audits and inspections. Revised August 2012.

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M069 Demolition Health and Safety Manual

Your guide to health and safety for demolition work. This manual covers everything from getting the contract, to preparing for the job, to working on the site.

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B016 Handbook for Construction Traffic Control Persons

This pocket-sized handbook measures 3½” x 5½”. Topics include: objectives and requirements of a traffic control person, equipment needed, safety tips, preparations and checklists, rights and regulations. 20 pages. 2010 edition.

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W453 Health and Safety Advisory—Reversing Vehicles: Personnel Detection Systems

New technologies have been developed to detect workers behind reversing vehicles and equipment. This advisory provides brief descriptions of a few of these systems and outlines their benefits and limitations. 2 pages.

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P001 Help New Workers Start Right Poster

This poster reminds people to help new workers be safe by explaining and demonstrating how to do the job safely and supervising their progress. 8 ½” x 11” poster. Revised May 2011.

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IHSA023 Hiring a Roofing Contractor: Tips for Homeowners

An information brochure about hiring a roofing contractor.

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IHSA011 Keep Your Promise Poster

This poster promotes safe workplaces by illustrating the hardship and tragedy a work-related death leaves for friends and family through the stark imagery of a child who has lost a parent. 17 " x 22".

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FD043 New on the Job DVD

Use this in your new worker orientation program. Focuses on personal protective equipment, hazard awareness and responsibilities. Produced in 1997. 10 minutes.

Also available in French (Ask for F043-F).

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IHSA028 Q&A on Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training

This poster helps explain the new regulation that will require health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisor under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Full Colour PDF. 11" x 17"

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B038 Young Workers: Special Issue

This special issue of Construction Safety magazine focuses on young workers: why they're more at risk for accidents and how to help protect them. 8 pages.

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Safety Talks


Web Resources

New and Young Workers

This page on the Ontario MOL website will give new and young workers access to the info they need to protect their health & safety and understand their rights.

Passport to Safety

Successful participants are awarded a "transcript" that can be attached to resumés to demonstrate their basic awareness of health and safety.


Young Workers Zone

Canada-wide safety gateway hosted by Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). Get the information and tools you need in order to venture into the work world on a safe footing.

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