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IHSA sponsors 26th Annual Ontario Technological Skills Competition

IHSA supports safe work through training, knowledge, and experience. That's why the association was a platinum-level sponsor at Ontario's 26th Annual Ontario Technological Skills Competition (Skills Canada) held in Waterloo on May 4 to 6.

This event is the largest skilled trades competition in Canada. The event showcased more than 2,100 competitors in more than 60 different skilled trade contest areas at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary student levels. The number of visitors was estimated to be more than 20,000.

Besides being a sponsor, IHSA had an information booth at the event where staff answered questions about training, skills development, and apprenticeship. More than 17 staff members, four student volunteers, and a summer student were on hand to assist with the displays and answer questions by students and teachers of the technological trades.

IHSA also brought their Mobile Classroom where IHSA consultants demonstrated skills such as tying rigging knots and using powerline technician's tools and equipment.

Competitors in the powerline technician (PLTN) competition constructed a pole line that was used to demonstrate essential powerline technician skills and tasks. Participants used splicing and terminating kits, donated by 3M, to demonstrate their cable skills.

IHSA also had a photo booth in which visitors, students, and teachers were able to have their photo taken in a simulated scenario that included a pole, PLTN belts, and personal protective equipment. More than 300 photos were instantly emailed to participants to enjoy and share with friends.

IHSA's Greg Williamson and Dennis Smith were technical co-chairs for the apprentice powerline technician event. This year's competition was expanded beyond last year's pilot group with PLTN apprentices from Enwin, Entegrus, Oakville Hydro, Waterloo North Hydro, Cambrian College, St. Clair College, Algonquin College, and Conestoga College. Apprentices demonstrated their skills on a variety of overhead tasks, cable splicing, rescue techniques, and other hands-on skills essential to powerline work.

IHSA would like to thank the following companies for their assistance with this year's display

  • Enwin Utilities
  • Entegrus
  • Oakville Hydro
  • Waterloo North Hydro
  • 3M

IHSA also produced a video highlighting its efforts at the competition. Watch the video here

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