Fatality Notice: IHSA has learned of a construction-related fatality in Sudbury involving a construction worker securing a transport trailer load. One workplace fatality is one too many, regardless of the sector, industry, or occupation. Please take a moment to think about those who have died or been injured on the job and re-establish a commitment to the prevention of injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

MOL focuses on waste management in upcoming blitz

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) is looking at recycling and waste management facilities in November and December as part of its upcoming blitz. Industrial inspectors will be focusing on several areas such as

  • Cranes and lifting devices
  • Mobile manual material handling
  • Slip and fall hazards
  • Exposure to noise, dust, and other occupational health hazards.


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Health and Safety Manual

Our most comprehensive health and safety guide helps workers recognize and protect themselves against health and safety hazards.

Safety Talks

Conducting a five-minute safety talk is hands-on way to remind workers that health and safety are important on the job and can help workers recognize and control hazards.

Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

Resources to help you write your health & safety policy and put together a program to implement the policy. (See Safe work practices/safe job procedures.)

Responsibilities of Workplace Parties


  • Ensure workers are provided with appropriate training, supervision and personal protective equipment.
  • Take every reasonable precaution to protect workers during work and around moving equipment on site.
  • Provide the equipment, materials, and protective devices for safe work, as required. Use and maintain the equipment, materials, and devices as per manufacturer's instructions.


  • Take every reasonable precaution to protect workers and ensure workers comply with the OHSA and Construction regulation. Make sure any equipment, protective devices, or clothing required by the employer is used or worn by workers.
  • Provide workers with written instructions on procedures and advise workers of any potential or actual health or safety dangers known by the supervisor.


  • Be aware of potential hazards and report any known hazards or contraventions to the supervisor or employer.
  • Receive training on safe practices and procedures in traffic control and work in compliance with the OHSA and Construction regulation.

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