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Changes to safety inspection standards

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has informed the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) about its plans to adopt the national standard for periodic motor vehicle inspections under the National Safety Code Standard 11B, January 2006 (National Standard) and supporting amendments to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act Regulations 611 and 601.

Ontario will adopt the national inspection standard for commercial motor vehicles for annual, semi-annual and safety standards certificates for the following types of commercial vehicles:

  • Trucks, trailers and converter dollies alone or in combination with a total gross weight, registered gross weight or manufacturer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) exceeding 4,500 kilograms (kg).
  • Buses designed for 10 or more passengers excluding those with a manufacturer’s GVWR of 4,500 kg or less used exclusively for personal use.
  • Accessible vehicles designed or modified to be used for the purpose of transporting persons with disabilities, excluding those used only for personal purposes.
  • School purposes vehicles, operating under contract with a school board or other authority in charge of a school, being used for the transportation of six or more children or adults with a developmental disability.

National Standard NSC11B will take effect by Regulation on July 1, 2011. However, the ministry will provide a 24-month period during which companies can choose to inspect vehicles to the current inspection requirements or the new requirements in the National Standard. For the 24-month period, compliance will be required with one or the other of the two standards.

However, starting July 1, 2013, all annual, semi-annual and safety standard certificate (SSC) inspections for the vehicles described above must be conducted to the National Standard.

It is important to note that all the current standards under the Highway Traffic Act that apply to commercial vehicles operating on a highway, including on-road inspections, will remain. The changes outlined above only apply to the annual, semi-annual and SSC inspections by mechanics registered to licensed motor vehicle inspection stations.

For more information on the changes visit the MTO website.

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